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Hi, I’m Angus. I am a Freelance Embedded Developer with skills and experience in creating custom embedded systems. I have been designing and integrating software and hardware for over 10 years.


Do you need electronics designed or updated for your product or device?

I work with all stages of electronics design - from requirements gathering and specifications, through to schematic design and circuit board layout. Producing and testing prototypes and providing engineering assistance for product manufacturing. From one-off custom builds to mass production.

Experienced with digital and analog circuits. Specialising in microcontrollers, digital logic, network interfaces including wireless connectivity (WiFi, Bluetooth Low Energy, etc.).


Nearly every electronics device produced today needs software that runs directly in the device (“firmware”). I can develop custom firmware for your devices regardless of scale - from tiny low power performance-constrained microcontrollers to powerful CPUs running real-time OSes or Embedded Linux.

A Computer Science background and professional software development experience means I have strong coding skills - producing clean code that performs well and can also be easily maintained and updated in the future.


Able to develop high quality backend code, configuration or provisioning interfaces, and other software required to support the highly connected devices that make up the Internet of Things.

If your project has a software development component, my software background means I can easily produce functional specifications and communicate with developers to discuss software integration.

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Red Yak is not currently accepting new clients, but feel free to get in touch about anything else.